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Emotional Health

Our emotions are unique

Individuals are just that, individual, and our emotions are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Our overall constitution, the health of our hormonal systems, our neurotransmitters, our hearts, may all reflect in our emotional health. Our emotional health is a direct reflection of internal conditions, which are in turn affected by our external environment and our responses and interactions with it.

In a world where our senses are continually over-stimulated, bombarded with images, many of which are uninvited, in a world of stress and strain, unwelcome food additives, pesticides and toxic chemicals, it is unsurprising that our emotional health is challenged on a regular basis. It is estimated that up to 10% of women use anti-depressants, and indeed one of the largest selling drugs in Germany is based on St John’s Wort. This is a massive call for help.

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Solutions for the Individual

The solutions are as individual as the patient. Yes there are herbs, such as St John’s Wort, well known and well researched, which are as effective as any anti-depressant drug, and sometimes this is enough. However, often simply replacing one drug with another plant drug, albeit safer, is only part of the answer.

Your herbalist will share with you the time to talk, the time to express yourself, and the time to share your problems. Talking and communication are as important a part of the healing process as the medicines.

The herbal prescription written for you will consider not just your serotonin levels, but also your adrenal glands, the state of your digestion, circulation and stress responses. Time and a multi-system approach to emotional health is required for true healing to occur.