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Fatigue Syndrome

Combat fatigue & gently restore health

Some health conditions, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME will give individuals very different, complex symptom patterns. A qualified medical herbalist, possessing a thorough knowledge of the potential of herbs, can choose just the right treatment to restore health gently and effectively.

Very often herbalists see the damage of multiple, repeated and chronic infections that have been treated with antibiotics. Infection often manifests in its persistent state as chronic fatigue syndrome and its most debilitating symptom of extreme exhaustion.

Exhaustion is also often the result of continuous low grade infection so that the body’s immune and stress adaptive systems continue to be on red alert thus depleting nutrients, adrenal and coping capacities.

Herbs Can Help

Herbs are used both as medicines and food to nourish, restore and replenish our vital reserves, to support adrenal and other hormonal function, to sharpen appetite and digestion, and most importantly to enhance the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from its food and in doing so boost energy levels and the stress adaptive responses.

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