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Fertility, pregnancy & childbirth

Herbs for Fertility

Throughout history herbs have been safely used to support fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. Today we have a range of herbs and strategies to assist with conception working with both men and women, help to maintain a healthy pregnancy for mother and baby, and give support through childbirth.

Having difficulty conceiving can be a very distressing experience for many couples. Sometimes the problems can be mechanical – such as low sperm count, poor sperm  mobility or related to hormone imbalances and specific syndromes like polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis. Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in the ability to conceive and stress is a major factor too.

A herbalist looks at your whole health and may work with you on any of these areas to increase your chances of conception.

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for most women but it can come with its health challenges too.  It is common for nausea, constipation and backache to accompany it and women are limited in the choices of medicines they can take. Fortunately there are many herbs that can be safely taken throughout pregnancy to ease the journey and many herbs can be used during childbirth too.

After giving birth herbs provide a safe way to help the body to heal and return to normal and herbs can assist in milk production too. Breast-feeding mums can also pass on some safe herbal remedies through their breast milk so that baby can benefit too.

It is extremely important to work with a qualified medical herbalist when taking any herbal remedies during pregnancy and while breast feeding.