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Hormone health

Truly Incredible Proteins

Hormones are the messenger chemicals of the body and they control almost every bodily function. Even small changes in the levels of hormones can have dramatic effects on the body and the mind. Herbalists recognise this and consider the effect of relevant hormones in each given situation.

Hormones are truly incredible proteins, binding in precise lock and key systems to cleverly direct thousands of interdependent functions. They maintain sugar levels in our blood, regulate mineral content by directing activities within the kidneys, and perhaps most astonishingly direct and control many of the functions allowing for reproduction. Without hormones, animal life would simply not be possible.

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Imagine a Body Without Management

So it is essential to make sure that our hormones are working seamlessly and harmoniously. Imagine a situation where none of the managers in a major factory knew what each other was doing – the result would be total chaos.

A tiny amount of extra progesterone in a pill can prevent ovulation, a slight decrease at too fast a rate can lead to severe pre-menstrual tension. Almost wherever we look within the body, hormones are playing their managerial role. The use of adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng and rhodiola, which are active on the link between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands are a good example of this.

Healthy Hormones

Hormonal health is also dependant on many apparently unrelated factors; the health of bowel flora, good liver function, elimination, and the efficient absorption of food. It is easy to see how the complex interrelationships between hormones in every system of the body needs the services of a trained professional to unravel.

Medical herbalists work with hormonal imbalances almost daily in their clinics. Through a thorough case history and testing they are able to put together a prescription especially designed for you.