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Herbal Alliance Community Online Conference

When: 14/01/2022, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Herbal Alliance warmly welcomes you to their first event on 14 January 2022.

This online Community Conference ‘How Herbal Medicine Supports Acute and Long Covid – Solutions from the Traditions‘ features world class practitioners from across the medical spectrum, who are clinically experienced in treating both acute and long Covid.

The event will look at the pathophysiology of Covid from different perspectives, treatment principles in how Covid is approached, and there will be case studies and results of treatment of Covid from TCM, Ayurveda and Western herbal medicine perspectives.

Ticket prices are by donation, so everyone is welcome! The conference is looking to be a lively and informative experience, and the Herbal Alliance have extended the day already in order to accommodate the richness of the learning opportunities on offer.

Venue: Online (Zoom)

Date: 14 January 2022 – 9.30am-4.00pm

Open to all members of a Practitioner Association

Cost: Donation with suggested £10-£45 contribution


Once the Herbal Alliance have received your contact details, you will be on their list to receive updates about the conference day, as well as a link to send through your donation.

You are welcome to attend as much of the day as works for you, and don’t worry about missing vital details.  Given that this learning will enhance clinical practices, the event will be recorded.


Current agenda as follows:

Current status of Covid 9.30-10.15am

  • Welcome from The Herbal Alliance and intentions for the day
  • Current understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of Covid and long Covid (Elise Glenn & Prof) 30mins


Biological plausibility of herbal medicine and current research 10.15-11.15am

  • Western herbal medicines (Chris Etheridge) 20mins
  • Summary of current clinical research on HMs for acute and long Covid (Prof. Michael Heinrich) 20mins
  • TCM and Pathophysiology (Martin John) 20mins


Herbal Tea Break – 11.15-11.25am


TCM Clinical Treatment of acute and long Covid 11.25am – 12.45pm

  • Energy Break- Qi Gong (Peter Deadman) 10 mins
  • Chinese medicine and Covid (Andrew Flower) 30mins
  • TCM Case study (Qikan Yin) 15mins
  • Jade Screen project report (Lily Lai) 15 mins
  • Q&A 10 mins


Lunch 12.45-1.15pm


Ayurvedic medicine Clinical Treatment of acute and long Covid 1.15-2.15pm

  • Post lunch meditation Yoga 10 mins
  • Ayurvedic medicine and Covid (Dr Vijay Murthy) 30mins
  • APA Rep for Case study 15 mins
  • Q&A 10mins


Western herbal medicine Clinical Treatment of acute and long Covid 2.15-3.15pm

  • Energy Break- Metabolic exercise (Robert Verkerk) 5 mins
  • Western herbal medicine and Covid (Simon Mills) 30mins
  • Western herbal medicine case study (Marion Mackonochie) 15 mins
  • Q&A 10mins


Questions and Discussion with panel 3.15-4.00pm

Questions should be sent to the Herbal Alliance beforehand


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