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World Book Day Recommendations

As it’s World Book Day, we asked our members for their top herbal book recommendations, and why they love them so much. Although herbalism has its roots in spoken tradition, there are an increasing number of amazing books out there, with the power to quite literally change people’s lives.

So here are a few of our Members’ recommendations, and what they love about them:

“It’s gotta be Bartram’s ‘Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine’ doesn’t it? It’s the book I use most as my aide memoire!”

“David Hoffman’s ‘New Holistic Herbal’ is the one I bought with a book token when I won the French prize at school. I was 15, and that clinched it for me – I had to be a herbalist. It’s a bit dog eared but I’ve still got it.”

“My current favourite is ‘A Woman’s Book of Herbs’ by Elisabeth Brooke. I work right at the interface of physical and emotional health and how the one massively impacts the other and I often find the emotional clears the way for the physical.”

“Plant Medicine edited by Guy Waddell, an absolutely must have for every herbalist’s library”

“‘Potter’s Herbal Cyclopaedia’ by Elizabeth M Williamson. It was one of the few books when I was studying. I still have my copy.

“I am loving Steve Taylor‘s ‘Humoral Herbal’. This is the herb prescribing book I wish I had back in the early 1980s in herb school. And my most used, most frequently referenced book by far is ‘Kings American Dispensatory.'”

We also spoke to Oliver Rathbone, Director at our good friends Aeon Books, about the herbal titles he’s excited about releasing this year. He picked out four books that are definitely worth adding to your wishlist:

‘Digestion, the Key to Good Health – Gastro-Intestinal Wellbeing Using Herbs and Natural Healing’ by Christine Herbert

‘Herbal Medicine in Treating Gynaecological Conditions Volume 2 – Specific Conditions and Management Through the Practical Usage of Herbs’ by Hananja Brice-Ytsma and Nathalie Chidley

‘Pharmakakawa – Theobroma Cacao in Medicine and Ceremony’ by Marcos Patchett

‘The Human Ecosystem – An Integrated Approach to Human Structure, Function and Dysfunction for Students of Natural Medicine’ by Kirsten Hartvig and Nic Rowley

You can check out these, and the rest of their amazing range on their website.