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Herbalism in the Community Award

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is committed to helping ensuring that herbal medicine is as accessible as possible, and we know the value there is in connecting herbalism and communities. We are delighted to launch two new awards to acknowledge the community herbalism being undertaken by herbalists nationally and internationally. Each award will be given to an individual herbalist or herbal team in recognition of their work, but their project will receive the monetary award, to help to further its reach. 

Community herbalism involves herbalists helping to maintain the health of their self-defined community through the use of herbs, whether this is through free herbal clinics, community herbal gardens, accessible herbal education or many other means.

We know there are so many amazing projects already happening, so please get in touch and nominate a project you are involved in, one you admire, or one that has made a difference to you. 

Nominations should be received by email no later than 10th September 2021.

  • The project should be focussed on increasing accessibility to herbal medicine for people who may not have the resources to be able to do this otherwise. 
  • The herbalist(s) need to be involved in a community project that involves more than two people in its organisation and is explicit in its aims to benefit the community.
  • All projects need to be not for profit and not a personal business. 
  • These awards recognise the achievements of an existing project rather than one in the process of being set up.
  • In the spirit of community herbal medicine we do not want to define what a herbalist is but would expect the herbalist to be working within the framework of clinical herbal medicine. 

The definition for community is an inclusive one; being any group of people you offer your knowledge, skills, and attention. We will particularly be looking for projects that have in their long term goals strategies to involve more members of the community. 


We are pleased that the 2021 Herbalism in the Community Awards are sponsored by Avicenna, who are generously offering the winning projects an extensive collection of Avicenna products to help them in delivering herbal support to their communities.


There are two categories: National and International. 


National (UK based) Community Herbal Award

This award recognises the community herbal work being done throughout the UK.

International Community Herbal Award

There are so many inspiring herbalists and community herbalism globally and we would like to recognise this.

When applying for the awards we would like you to consider the following questions:


  • What is your community and why they need your project’s support?
  • How many people does your project reach?
  • How is your project organised - who is involved and how do you work together to make the project effective?
  • How does your project empower communities and embed sustainable change?
  • How has your community responded to and engaged with the organisation of the open project?
  • What differences has your project already made?
  • What are the next steps for your project?
  • How do you work with other organisations and projects?
  • How does your project engage decision makers and policy setters?
  • How does your project work with other healthcare providers?


Not all of the above questions may be relevant to your project and it is not expected that each project will be able to answer them all. The hope is that these awards can guide projects towards a goal of best practice within community herbal medicine.