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A new herbal magazine

Over the last year or so we have been looking at our newsletter, Herbal Thymes. In recent years, Emma Barker and a range of wonderful volunteers have done a fantastic job in sourcing and editing really strong content, and we have been working with a professional designer to present the newsletter in as engaging a way as possible.


We’ve had lots of really good feedback on the evolution of the content and design, but also feedback that it is hard to find the time to read such a big file on screen. Because we want to make sure that our members get the most from all of the hard work the editorial team has put in, and to give us the best possible platform to amplify their work, we have agreed some changes.


What is changing?


After 30 or so years of service as our member newsletter, we are going to be retiring Herbal Thymes as a title, and – in line with the branding we are using to showcase how amazing herbs are in other ways – we will be launching the Power of Plants Magazine at the start of September with the Autumn issue.


The recent issues of Herbal Thymes have become so much more than a newsletter, and have already become a magazine in all but name, so to complete that change it felt appropriate to re-title it. Power of Plants is our way of showcasing all of the amazing ways that plants, practitioners and people interact, and it feels like a great descriptor of the fabulous content the editorial team have been pulling together.


To help everyone to be able to access PoP Magazine in the way that suits them best we will also be giving every Member, and all of our students, the chance to receive a printed copy direct to their door. Working with a UK printer we are able to print and distribute the magazine at a lower cost than our previous in-house printing and posting of Herbal Thymes, as well as using fully FSC accredited papers.

More about the changes

Can I stay digital?


Yes, if you’d prefer to only access a digital copy, without a paper copy, just head to the Power of Plants Magazine page on the Herbal Hub, and click on the form at the top of the page.


If you change your mind at any point, there’s also another form for you to switch back to paper copies. Fill it in, and we’ll start sending you a copy from the next issue.


Where will you send it?


We’ll be using your postal address from your profile on our membership system on our website. If we don’t hold an address for you, we won’t be able to send you your copy – PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE THE RIGHT ADDRESS FOR YOU.


Can I get extra copies?


We recognise that you might like extra copies for your waiting room, your practice, local groups you’re involved in, or anywhere else. PoP Magazine is a great way to showcase the amazing work of herbalists and the power of these amazing plants, so if you’d like extra copies we can send you these – at cost – just complete the order form here and we’ll start sending the extras from the next issue.