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Biophilia Survey

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Dear all,

A reminder that the Biophilia - Nature in Herbal Practice survey is now live

and can be accessed via this link

We would like to thank each and every one of you, who has already taken part.

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please do - it will take no longer than 15 minutes of your time and we very much appreciate your feedback.

The survey closes on 24th July 2022.

It aims to gather data to determine the extent to which practising Medical Herbalists use direct contact with outdoor nature as part of their clinical or self-care practice, the types of nature-based activities herbal practitioners engage in and the factors that might influence this.

Both researchers are herbal practitioners, trained and based in the UK, with an interest in this subject. Helen Phillips currently teaches on Heartwood’s Biophilia module and Alice Johnston’s research proposal highlighted the knowledge gap in our understanding of how herbalists use direct contact with nature as part of their clinical practice.

Anonymised data from this survey will be used to inform the teaching of Heartwood’s Biophilia module, specifically with regard to implications in practice. We also intend to disseminate our findings to members of the Institute and the CPP and bridge the current knowledge gap in this area.

The research project is endorsed by Heartwood Education.

The Institute has confirmed that completing a survey like this can form part of your CPD activity particularly where, as a result of personal reflection, you make changes to your practice or identify further CPD activity you wish to undertake.

If you would like any further information with regard to this study, please contact Helen Phillips and Alice Johnston at the following email address

With very best wishes,

Helen and Alice


Helen Phillips MSc, Dip Phyt, MNIMH MCPP 


Alice Johnston DipHM, MNIMH, Dipl.-Inf.-Wirt (FH)