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Coronavirus restrictions - an update

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As we approach the end of the four week enhanced restrictions across England, which will be replaced by the three tier system from Wednesday 2 December, we  wanted to confirm the impact on herbal practices. From 2 December in England, and currently in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, there will be no restrictions prohibiting herbal consultations, and no confirmed planned restrictions that will prohibit herbal consultations. This applies regardless of the tier your area is in.

The guidance from each government can change rapidly, and for this reason we have included direct links to the relevant pages for each nation at the bottom of this update.

Current guidance is for people to continue to work from home wherever this is possible. Where restriction allow practitioners to remain open and undertake face-to-face consultations, we have already produced extensive guidance to support members to undertake their own individual COVID-19 risk assessment to determine whether a face-to-face consultation is necessary, and steps to follow to ensure that any consultations undertaken on this basis can be done as safely as possible.


Government guidelines relating to England
Government guidelines relating to Scotland
Government guidelines relating to Northern Ireland 
Government guidelines relating to Wales