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AGM 2020 - Accessing the meeting

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Registering for the Zoom session

If you wish to attend the online AGM, you will need to register. By clicking on the link below you will be taken to the event registration page, where you will need to enter your name and email address, and will then be sent your unique link to access the meeting.


Please keep this confirmation email safe as you will not be able to access the meeting without it.

If you have not previously downloaded the Zoom Client you will need to do this before the meeting.

Joining the meeting

On Sunday you will need to click on the link in the confirmation email you receive after registering (you will not be able to use a link forwarded from anyone else), and then enter the passcode, which can also be found in the confirmation email.

The Zoom event will not start until just before 2pm, so there is no need to log in early.


What will happen during the meeting

You will be able to see all of the Institute's Directors on screen as they will be panellists.

As an attendee you will be automatically muted, and your camera will remain off throughout. If an attendee needs to address the session, they will be changed to a panellist so that they can be seen and heard.

The meeting will progress in the same way our AGMs usually do, following the agenda which has been circulated via the voting platform. Where a show of hands is needed, we will be using the 'Poll' feature on Zoom, where the question will appear on your screen and you will be asked to select 'Yes' or 'No'. The results will then be shown to all attendees automatically.

Where a proposer and seconder is required we will ask you to respond in the 'Q&A' function so that we can correctly minute this.

If you would like to address the session at any point, you can ask to do so via the 'Q&A' function, and we will then change your settings to allow you to do so. This will take a similar time to raising your hand and waiting for a microphone to reach you at our previous AGMs, but please be patient where necessary.

The meeting will be recorded to aid with minuting, but the recording will not be broadcast or distributed.



Civica Election Services (CES) are administering our online AGM for us. As this is the first time we have held our AGM online, we believe it is important to work with people who are experienced in this area to ensure that the whole event runs smoothly.

CES are the UK’s leading provider of election services, with over 100 years' experience of administering elections, ballots and consultation processes. Every year, they support hundreds of organisations with their voting projects, including helping to administer local and general elections.


  • CES will be put forward as the scrutineers for the vote during the AGM as they will be the only ones with access to the voting results.

Voting during the meeting

  • Earlier this month, you have received an email from Civica via the email address, which will give you access to the AGM  platform and the voting platform, as well as all of the AGM documents.
  • If you have not received an email please check your spam/junk folders, and if you have still not received the email please let us know via
  • You will need to access this platform when you are ready to vote. This can be done on a different window on the same device as Zoom, or via a different device if you would prefer.
  • On the CES platform you will select the way you wish to vote on each item of business (Ordinary Business and Special Resolutions). You will then be shown how you have chosen to vote before confirming and submitting your vote.Voting times

    Once CES have counted and verified the votes, we will then receive the results. The ballot will open an hour before the AGM (13:00) and close an hour after (c17:00).


AGM Papers

All the papers for the AGM are available via the CES platform that you can access via your secure link as above.