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Goldenseal Root - product recall

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We feel that we should bring to the attention of our members that we have just been made aware of a product recall in America by the U.S. Food and Drug administration of batches of Goldenseal root powder that have been shown to be microbially contaminated.

The recall has been actioned as a result of an infant death linked to infection following reported topical application of the contaminated Goldenseal root powder to the umbilical stump of the child.

The product that has been voluntarily recalled was marketed by an American company called Maison Terre and was available through Amazon for purchase between 25th January 2015 and 4th August 2020. Maison Terre were supplied by Starwest Botanicals, Sacramento, CA.

In the unlikely event that you have by any chance purchased this product, you should not use it and should contact the supplier for a refund.

At this stage it is not clear if this problem is limited solely to this product alone, or if a contaminated batch of Goldenseal may have also been marketed by other companies supplied by the same source.

This tragic incident raises concerns about quality control of natural products and the associated supply chain. There is also potential concern that other products containing Goldenseal root may have been marketed using the same original supplier, and that these products may have been distributed in other countries including the United Kingdom.

If this batch of Goldenseal had been supplied to UK manufacturers and distributors of herbal products then it is most likely that their comprehensive quality control testing procedures would have identified the problem and raised a concern with the supplier.

We would therefore recommend that members who intend to use Goldenseal in this way or for similar topical applications for wound management should avoid such use until they are able to fully satisfy themselves that the particular product they are using is not contaminated in this way.

Further information about this recall can be found here: