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Institute education review

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Last year we undertook a review of the Institute's whole governance structure, looking at the council and the different committees, their memberships and remits, and how they all fit together. This was such a valuable exercise!
During this review, we noticed that many of the subcommittees, panels and groups were concerned with education. We have an Accreditation Board, an Educators Forum, a Student Council, an Education panel and a Professional Standards Committee. There are also external organisations with similar aims and objectives, such as the EHTPA accreditation board and the Education CAT of the Herbal Alliance. And independent bodies such as Crossfields which validate or accredit herbal courses.
So it feels timely to review the Institute's approach to working with students, schools, education and educational standards in general. What structures would work best for us, what should the membership of any committees or panels be, and what would be their remit? How should educational standards be maintained?
We would like to put together a small team to work on this project. We plan to include students, herbal educators and those with experience of accreditation. As someone with valuable experience in one or more of those areas, we were hoping that you might be interested in applying to join us. The panel members will be able to claim a small payment for their time in attending the meetings. Please follow the link to view the full Project Scope and let us know as soon as possible if you are interested. The final deadline for expressions of interest is the end of July.