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Jekka's and the Institute

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We are delighted to announce that Jekka's, a family run herb farm on the outskirts of Bristol, is now a Friend of the Institute.

Jekka’s, run by Jekka McVicar and her family, has over 30 years’ experience in growing and using medicinal and culinary herb plants and seeds.

At Jekka's they believe in cultivating flavour and aim to educate and inspire gardeners and cooks of all ages. Their herbetum includes over 400 herbs, and has been created to inspire visitors and ensure that the history, and culinary and medicinal usage of herbs are not lost for future generations.

A key part of the Institute’s strategy is to promote the recognition and advocacy of herbal medicine, and to ensure that herbal careers are viable and rewarding. Jekka’s commitment to engaging people with herbs, and to educating people of their uses will support us in these aims, and help to open people’s eyes to the medicinal opportunities that herbs offer. With the importance of the plants themselves in the practice of herbal medicine, the dedication that Jekka’s show to growing herbs of the highest possible quality and supporting research into the plants is another demonstration of our shared values.

As part of this relationship we have been able to add medicinal information to a large number of the herb listings on Jekkapedia, a fantastic resource for information on over 500 different herbs.

We are delighted that Dedj Leibbrand had kindly produced a wonderful guide to growing a herbal first aid kit. This is a fantastic resource (please feel free to share it via your blogs and social feeds) which we hope will inspire people to explore the healing potential of plants, and to deepen that relationship by visiting members. Persuading people to take the first steps from the NHS to anything else can be the hardest part of attracting new patients, and this forms part of our plans to make this easier.

We will also be working with the team at Jekka’s Herbfest across the first weekend of July 2021 – we hope!