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Update on restrictions on herbal practice - UK Members

Members Only

With all the UK nations seeing some of the most significant easings of Coronavirus restrictions since last summer, we wanted to provide a reminder of our guidance for members and what these easings mean for herbal practice.

In summary:

  • In formulating our guidance our priority remains the safety of both the practitioner and the patient.
  • After reviewing guidance from all the relevant administrations, there have been no significant changes or updates regarding the use of face coverings, PPE, hand and equipment sanitisation, and the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
  • We note that our colleagues in primary care have not relaxed their procedures at this time, and therefore we should take that as an indication of the expectations on us.
  • Members should undertake a risk assessment looking at each individual care setting and patient, and should use this to inform the necessary steps and procedures to ensure that the treatment environment is COVID-secure.


This means that we are continuing to encourage:


  • Working remotely wherever feasible.
  • Carrying out face-to-face consultations only when essential.
  • Carrying out full risk assessments before physically seeing patients.
  • Minimising non-distanced time with patients.
  • The wearing of PPE when appropriate, particularly when within close distance (less than 1 m) of a patient. 


We note that guidelines and recommendations about face coverings and social distancing are due to be reviewed before the next stage of the lifting of the lockdown restrictions in June. We will report any relevant changes as soon as we know more.

We are monitoring the new B.1.617.2 variant and the uncertainties regarding both the current vaccine response and natural immunity to it. We therefore suspect that we may see some short notice changes to some of the planned next steps in the immediate future, as well as readying ourselves for the possibility of further restrictions should the autumn see a rise in cases.

Our Coronavirus hub has updated summary and detailed guidance on face-to-face consultations, as well as further information on undertaking risk assessments, patient screening, and how to minimise the risk of transmission.


As always if you have any questions specific to you or your practice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.