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Kathie Bishop

Ladies, are you fed up with repeated intimate irritation?
You’ve tried all the pills, gels, creams and pessaries from the GP and the chemist and things just keep returning.
You secretly dread if your next sexual experience will cause a flare up.
Your fanny is on fire, and you’ve ants in your pants and you just need to cool it, like, NOW.
If only you could find someone that could help.
Well its time to become friends with your intimate ecology and tame those flare ups.
You’ve been searching online for help: you’ve just found it.

If you suffer with recurrent vaginal thrush, bacterial vaginosis, or unexplained discharge & discomfort, I will help you care for down there and get your intimate health back on track.

Hi my name's Kathie, and I'm the Wylde Herbalist. I specialise in helping women with their intimate ecology using herbs, diet, lifestyle, and abdominal massage. I graduated from the University of Westminster in 2009 with a first class BSc (Cons) in Western Herbal Medicine, and I'd be delighted to work with you in person or online.