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Nature's Laboratory and the National Institute

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We are delighted to welcome Nature’s Laboratory Ltd as a Friend of the Institute.

James Fearnley, their CEO, is passionate about natural medicine. He created Natures Laboratory to bring together his research and manufacturing interests in  Herbal Medicines  (  and medicines  from bee products  ( James is a world authority on propolis and is founder of the International Propolis Research Group and the Apiceutical Research Centre. ( When his daughter Cecily joined the company 12 years ago they added a range of natural skin care (

James has been developing his concept of future- health or three dimensional medicines (social, economic, and cultural as well as physical health) in a dynamic community context in Whitby North Yorkshire (

James explained, “I have attended the conferences arranged by the Institute over many years and have seen many changes in  herbal manufacturing and practice . At one time I thought herbal medicine might not survive. But we have worked hard alongside many groups and associations to make sure that this will not happen.  I now feel that herbal medicine has the chance to grow and prosper. Paradoxically COVID19 has seen herbal medicine emerge in a new light for users – as a detour round the challenges of pharmaceutical medicine and as a way of taking back control over our health.

I am very happy to become one of the first official Friends of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. As a manufacturer of herbal medicines for 30 years and a champion of natural medicines altogether I would like to be seen as a partner to practitioners, a trusted friend producing medicines for a profession that values true holistic quality over purely standardised and mechanised medicine.”

James Wiltshire, Chief Executive of the Institute, commented “For our members to have access to high quality herbs and herbal products, and to have confidence in how they have been sourced and produced is crucial, and through their brands the team at Nature’s Laboratory not only enable this, but they are also active members of the wider herbal community, passionate about connecting the public with natural medicines and promoting the benefits that qualified practitioners can offer. We are thrilled to welcome them as Friends of the Institute.”

You can find out more about Nature’s Laboratory and their brands in our Friends listing.