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Speaker Spotlight - Lily Canetty-Clark

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Lily will be presenting at the Herbal Medicine Conference 2020 on 11th October at 11AM.

She has called her session "Cleanliness and the microbiome in the post era of the Covid-19 Pandemic".  Lily has summarised her session below:

Covid-19 has pushed the world to the brink, killing individuals in substantial numbers and making others truly ill. This has raised the stakes of human hygiene and put a huge emphasis on cleanliness causing an extraordinary daily use of detergents, antimicrobials and other cleaning products in our homes and public spaces. While human evidence is lacking, animal research has shown that frequent use of domestic detergents can alter the microbiome.  Furthermore, toxic household detergents also affect our rivers and lakes downstream adding to a polluted environment. There is cause for concern that the vigour invested in cleaning away the pandemic comes at the cost of polluted uncleanliness and this also threatens human health both at the toxicity level but also in regard to an altered microbiome and immunity. Clean in the sense of ‘virus-free’ is now a widely shared pressing concern but another kind of clean, that of not polluting ourselves and the environment, is less readily attended to and which raises the question how can we care for these two types of cleanliness without letting one compromise the other.





Lily graduated from the University of Westminster with a first class honours degree in Herbal Medicine in 2019. She also has a diploma in Nutritional Health Science and a degree in Experimental Psychology. .
Lily's study of the mind, nutrition and herbs has provided her with a holistic tool kit to help support the whole body rather than just focus on symptoms. She sees the importance of good mental health, and the people's own motivation to help themselves as a cornerstone to wellbeing.
Lily is passionate about education and providing valuable knowledge which will support sustainable solutions, empowering clients to take back control of their health and wellbeing. Her main areas of interest include women’s health and stress management.