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Speaker Spotlight - Simon Mills

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Simon will be presenting at the Herbal Medicine Conference 2020 on Saturday 10th October at 5pm.

His session is titled "What we can do now: lessons from the elders". Simon has summarised the session below:


We have learned a few hard lessons over the years. Can we fire ourselves up and get herbal medicine back where it belongs, onto the frontline, to meet our society’s looming health needs? In this presentation I will share my experiences of some herbal winners, as well as battles not yet won, and pick out field-tested future strategies for us all.


Simon has been a herbal practitioner in Exeter since 1977. He is an acclaimed international speaker on a range of topics, including herbal and traditional medicines, and natural approaches to modern health problems. He is a Cambridge medicinal sciences graduate and has been at the forefront of the modern development of herbal, complementary and integrated medicine.