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Membership Registration: Associate

Becoming an Associate is aimed at those who have invested significant time and energy into careers working with medicinal plants (this could include the growing or supplying herbs, making herbal products, teaching, researching, community herbalism, activism and more). It is intended to encompass herbalism as an essential part of life and the many different ways that can be represented. It is aimed at those who either have a ‘foundation’ equivalent herbal education, or who are established in their herbal community, or prominent advocates of herbal medicine in their own community. If you are a qualified herbal practitioner then the registered Member route, rather than Associate, is the appropriate entry for you – if you haven’t graduated from an accredited course then please contact us about making an Individual Application.



Becoming an Associate is not a mark of competency in clinical practice – only our registered Members and Fellows have met our entry standards, and they will continue to be the practitioners we promote to the public.