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Power of Plants Magazine


Power of Plants Magazine will give you a quarterly dose of articles, opinion, research and updates, showcasing all of the amazing ways that plants, practitioners and people interact.


Issue #1 (Autumn 2022) includes:


  • A wonderful article on herbs and astrology, and how the two have shaped her life, by Elisabeth Brooke
  • A review and a photo tour of our amazing Power of Plants Festival in July
  • A hawthorn monograph from Kathleen Jones
  • Plus: Reading Corner, crosswords and much more!


Issue #2 (Winter 2022) includes:


  • A Herbalist’s Approach to Osteoarthritis by Kevin Orbell-McSean
  • A wonderful review of MenoFest 2022
  • Anita Wąsik exploring the potential link between the gut microbiome and joint diseases
  • My herbal life by Kristine De Block


Issue #3 (Spring 2023) includes:


  • A Herbalist’s Approach to Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder by Lara Jonasdottir MNIMH
  • Explore Chelsea Physic Garden with Kathleen Jones
  • Nicola Sabin shares her herbal journey
  • My herbal life by Andrea Hughes MNIMH


Issue #4 (Summer 2023) includes:


  • A Dash of Lavender by Queer Botany
  • Results of the Biophilia Survey by Alice Johnston MNIMH and Helen Phillips MNIMH
  • The Kist in Thyme and Other Stories by Amanda Edmiston
  • Non-Binary Health by Amaia Dadachanji MNIMH
  • My herbal life by Jenny Holcombe MNIMH


Issue #5 (Autumn 2023) includes:


  • Reishi, The ‘Ten Thousand Year Mushroom’by Martin Powell
  • Results of the Nature in Herbal Practice Survey – Part 2 by Alice Johnston MNIMH and Helen Phillips MNIMH
  • Power of Plants Festival by Emma Barker MNIMH
  • Bioactive Properties of Mushroom by Aritson Cruz
  • My herbal life by Vasanti Limbani MNIMH


Issue #6 (Winter 2023) includes:


  • Old Remedies: Whacky or Wonderful? by Kevin Orbell-McSean MNIMH
  • Results of the Nature in Herbal Practice Survey – Part 3 by Alice Johnston MNIMH and Helen Phillips MNIMH
  • BIPOC Conferenceby Naa Adjeley Kwei
  • Clinic Tour with Hannah Sylvester MNIMH
  • My Herbal Journey by Dellna Illavia MNIMH


Issue #7 (Spring 2024) includes:


  • Spring Tonics by Jan Alton
  • Herbal Medicine in the Community by Elisabeth Brooke
  • Hackney Herbal, Herbalists Without Borders Bristol and Grassroots Remedies all share their stories
  • Clinic Tour with Rasheeqa Ahmed