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Introduction to TCM Theory - Episode 1

Week 1: Introduction – Tao, Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood, 5 Elements, 8 Principles, Zang fu.


Introduction to TCM Theory - Episode 2

Week 2:Internal organs – Zang fu – physiology and common pathology


Introduction to TCM Theory - Episode 3

Week 3: Causes of disease. Internal / external. Shang han lun – The Six stages. Wen bing – The Four levels. Latent heat.


‘Disease signs in the Iris – Interpretation and Medication’ by Theodor Kriege and A.W.Priest.

This is a new copy, part of stock held since 1985. 243 pages, published in 1985 by L.N.Fowler & Co. Ltd


‘Herbal Medication – a Clinical and Dispensary Handbook’ by Priest and Priest

The perfect book for the clinical student and newly qualified practitioner.


JHC Certificates - Course Leaders only

JHC leaders can order attendee certificates here