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We have teamed up with our friends at The Peach to bring you ‘Festivitea’, the official tea of the Power of Plants Festival.

So how did The Peach Team approach this task?

What tea shall we make? When you have 500+ herbs to choose from, blending a tea is no simple matter! This tea is crafted for calmness, clarity and capability; some of the qualities most prized by herbalists.

After experimenting with numerous blends and exploring our creations together, both  face-to-face and by post, we discovered a herbal blend that resonates deeply with us and we hope it will also resonate with you too… Hannah loves Wood Betony for its subtle depth of flavour and calming influence. Sally appreciates Hyssop for its warm, light pungency and its clearing properties. Jo admires Bilberry for its fruity notes and rich supply of anthocyanins, which support microvascular capability.

We hope you relish our Festivitea blend at Power of Plants Festival 2024. A short infusion yields a light, refreshing and fragrant tea. A longer infusion unveils increased complexity, as deeper notes of Bilberry and the other herbs are drawn out. This transformation mirrors our own growth as herbalists, gaining depth and wisdom over time as we “steep” in our community and our herbal experiences.

“The amazing team at The Peach were the obvious choice to create our official tea.” said festival director James Wiltshire. “Not only are they PoP veterans, having been involved since our very first year, but they really embody the idea of the practitioner being a link between plants and people. I’ve had a sneaky early taste and it really is delicious, and will be brewing in our crew room across the festival weekend…if we can get hold of a packet!”

Be sure to get hold of your pack of Festivitea at The Peach stand at Power of Plants 2024 and if you want to find out more about getting to the heart of health with The Peach, do sign up to their newsletter.