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We are delighted that the Herbal Medicine Trust is one of our Main Event Partners for Power of Plants Festival 2024.

The Herbal Medicine Trust is a UK based registered charity that exists to promote herbal medicine in all its forms. They fund diverse projects and deliver education from home herbalism to full professional training. The trustees who run the charity are an eclectic and talented group of people united by their love of plants and their respect for herbal medicine.

They know that herbal medicine touches lives – and are here to help make it happen. Their vision is to work together to create:
● Clear pathways into the world of herbal medicine whether you are just herb curious or want to become a medical herbalist.
● Gold standard education at foundation or professional level through their flagship project – Heartwood Education
● Funding for grassroots projects that make a real difference to local communities.

James Wiltshire, Festival Director and Chief Executive of the Institute said “It is a great pleasure to have the Herbal Medicine Trust as our partners for this year’s festival. They have, in their various guises, been pioneering and supporting herbal education for over 50 years, and have always worked closely with the Institute. With so many shared ambitions for the herbal world it is very exciting to be working with them”.

The Trust will be on our Herbal High Street, and they would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts about how they could work with you, or how you might be able to contribute to their work.

The event really couldn’t happen without our partners’ support, so please do come and say hello to them during the festival weekend, or visit their website.