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Putting the herbal spotlight on Rosemary

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With Easter approaching this weekend, we are shining a herbal spotlight on Rosemary.

It is a natural accompaniment to roast meat and will be widely used this weekend with traditional Easter roast lamb. In some Mediterranean countries, butchers even include a sprig of Rosemary with lamb joints.

This powerful, aromatic herb has beautiful blue flowers, which butterflies absolutely love. It is a hardy herb that can grow in sunny and cool climates.

Rosemary is an excellent tonic to boost recovery after illness or periods of low energy. Researchers from Northumbria University have even proved that Rosemary can be used to enhance memory performance - their study showed that students performed up to 75% better when rosemary was included in the exam room.

Compounds on rosemary's oils stop neurotransmitters in your brain from breaking down, which in turns allows you to retain more information. Crucially, smelling rosemary is much more powerful than eating it because whist inhaling goes to the brain, eating rosemary absorbs it into the gut with only trace amounts getting into your bloodstream.

Why not have a go at baking our Rosemary, cheese and cayenne biscuits.