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‘The Humoral Herbal: A practical guide to the Western Energetic system of health, lifestyle and herbs’ by Stephen Taylor


The Humoral Herbal explores the traditional art of restoring health by balancing the four humours of the body and explains how this healing wisdom can be used for our benefit today. This is a beautifully illustrated book with full colour charts and photographs.

The Humoral Herbal describes with clarity the key concepts of western humoral medicine, and how to diagnose imbalances in the humours. It details how to correct these imbalances through the use of herbs and changes in diet and lifestyle. The book also explores Medieval astrological symbolism, and through the use of clear charts and diagrams, explains how the different humours function and influence health.

A comprehensive and practical herbal guide details the humoral and planetary characteristics of each herb and how to choose the correct remedy.


About the Author

Stephen Taylor has over 25 years experience practicing as a western trained Herbalist, giving him the opportunity to explore the application of ancient European and medieval healing traditions in a modern context. As well as studying the foundations of these ancient medical traditions, he has studied both Eastern and African healing traditions and has been initiated as traditional healer and diviner in Africa. He runs a successful herbal medicine practice in Sussex where he continues to treat patients, teach, undertake research, and grow herbs to produce herbal medicines.

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