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‘Wild Medicine – Summer’ by Ali English


The hedgerow in summer is a fascinating place, laden with a plethora of different herbs and wildflowers, many of which are loaded with medicinal values or can be eaten, or both. This book will take you on a journey around the verges, hedgerows and forest edges in the summer, introducing you to a small range of some of the more commonly found, easy to identify plants that are available around most of the UK, Europe and parts of North America, as well as providing a selection of useful medicinal and edible recipes, most of which are easy to follow, simple to use and, in the case of the food recipes, delicious.

This book aims to encourage and engender a love of our native plants and their many uses, and hopes to encourage you to gather your own, make your own medicine, and perhaps even turn over a small part of your garden to growing some of these wild, native plants, so beloved of butterflies and bees, in this era when the wild places of the world are under threat.

About the Author

Ali English is a herbalist. She has been passionate about herbs since the age of 13, and went on to train at Lincoln University, graduating in 2010. Since then, she has set up a practice in Lincolnshire, which lately focuses on offering herb walks, workshops and a variety of related services where she tries to convey a love of our native herbs and wildflowers to anyone who will listen. Wild Medicine’ is her first series of books: ‘Winter and Autumn’, ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’.

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