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Talking Heads

Alongside the Herbal Medicine Conference 2020 the Institute is curating a series of short ‘talking head’ videos from a mixture of experienced herbalists and others with interests in plant medicines and holistic care, where they give a personal view of how they are ‘Facing the Future’.

These videos look at herbal practice, professional priorities, personal goals and wider perspectives, exploring the grief, setbacks, challenges and even opportunities that have been encountered by them, their colleagues and their patients.

This project is a fantastic celebration of herbs, herbal medicine, and the work of herbalists, showcasing the relevance of herbalism to many of the current healthcare needs of the population.

If these videos pique your interest about the part herbal medicine can play in the future, why not join us at the Herbal Medicine Conference 2020, and find out more..



Please note that all opinions are those of the speaker, and do not necessarily reflect the those of the Institute,