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Become an Associate of the Institute

The Institute has, for many years, been able to award Honorary Associate status to ‘any person who has in its opinion contributed notably to the advancement of Medical Herbalism or the promotion of the Objects’. Our Objects are ‘to promote and encourage the study and practice… of the art and science of Medical Herbalism’, so we have awarded Associate status to a number of the members of our wider herbal community over the years.

Following feedback from some of our Members, we have been exploring ways that we can strengthen that connection with those who may not be registered Members, but who have a huge amount to contribute to the Institute, our work, and our Members. As a result, we are thrilled to be launching the opportunity to become an Associate of the Institute.

Becoming an Associate is aimed at those who have invested significant time and energy into careers working with medicinal plants (this could include the growing or supplying herbs, making herbal products, teaching, researching, community herbalism, activism and more). It is intended to encompass herbalism as an essential part of life and the many different ways that can be represented. It is aimed at those who either have a ‘foundation’ equivalent herbal education, or who are prominent advocates of herbal medicine in their own community. Becoming an Associate of the Institute unites all of these different routes, and a commitment to working with plants to support better health. If you are a qualified herbal practitioner then the registered Member route, rather than Associate, is the appropriate entry for you – if you haven’t graduated from an accredited course then please contact us about making an Individual Application.

This new way to join the Institute is about diversifying our community, adding richness of opinions and experience, and giving new opportunities to learn and to share. This does not change what it means to be a Member. Becoming an Associate is not a mark of competency in clinical practice – only our registered Members and Fellows have met our entry standards, and they will continue to be the practitioners we promote to the public.

About our membership categories

The Associate category creates greater exposure and recognition for those who choose to work with medicinal plants. We hope that this will enable the sharing of knowledge across different parts of our community, and that it may inspire other plant and planet lovers to deepen their herbal knowledge.

Disclaimer: “Associate” is not a mark of competency in clinical practice, and should not be used as a credential. Becoming an Associate may be a stepping stone to pursuing full membership for some. It also stands alone as a category.