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Types of Memberships


  • As a Member - qualified or practising herbalists are, subject to our entry criteria, able to become a Member of the Institute, and join the oldest and largest professional register of medical herbalists in the world.

Our members can be recognised by the letters MNIMH after their name, whilst FNIMH denotes a Fellow of the Institute (see below).

  • As a Student - those studying herbal medicine are a vital part of the future of our profession, and as such any student who is enrolled on a substantive course is eligible to join the Institute, and can then access the same benefits as Members, but at a nominal cost of just £30 per year.

Other categories of membership

Life membership can be offered by the Institute Council to members who have made an extraordinary contribution to the field of Herbal Medicine (in a professional capacity).

Our Life Members are:

Brenda Cooke, FNIMH
Michael McIntyre, FNIMH
Simon Mills, FNIMH
Laura Stannard, FNIMH
Christine Steward, FNIMH
Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH

Fellowships are similarly offered to members in recognition of their contribution and services to the cause of herbal medicine and to the Institute.

Current Fellows are:

Richard Adams, FNIMH
Dee Atkinson, FNIMH
Julian Barker, FNIMH
Hananja Brice-Ytsma, FNIMH
Chanchal Cabrera, FNIMH
Tony Carter, FNIMH
Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH
Peter Conway, FNIMH
Brenda Cooke, FNIMH
Andrew Cowling, FNIMH
Alison Denham, FNIMH
Rhiannon Evans, FNIMH
Jane Gray, FNIMH
Julia Green, FNIMH
Paul Hambly, FNIMH
Gillian Leddy-Prescott, FNIMH
Dedj Leibbrandt, FNIMH
Michael McIntyre, FNIMH
Anne McIntyre, FNIMH
Simon Mills, FNIMH
Trudy Norris, FNIMH
Ned Reiter, FNIMH
Keith Robertson, FNIMH

Melissa Ronaldson, FNIMH
Desiree Shelley, FNIMH
Laura Stannard, FNIMH
Christine Steward, FNIMH

The Institute includes Honorary Associates, who are elected by Council, having contributed notably to the advancement of herbal medicine (not in a professional capacity).  An Honorary Associate does not have any professional status, is not a practising herbalist, and is not subject to the Institute’s requirements of its professional members.

We also offer a Corporate Membership, for organisations who share our values, and with whom we can work to further advance the profession.