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A celebration of herbs

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Herb Day is a worldwide celebration of herbs, plants and their importance in everyday life. It is held on the first Saturday in May, and promotes the health and lifestyle benefits of herbs. For medical herbalists the herbs are a critical part of the relationship between plants, the practitioner and the patient, and all of our members are trained in the scientific and energetic properties of hundreds of herbs. Herbalists offer in-depth consultations where patients voices are heard, and a focus on treating causes rather than just symptoms – for many people seeing a herbalists has been transformative.

You can also celebrate to amazing power of plants yourself. If you have lavender in your garden why not treat yourself to some delicious lavender biscuits - lavender’s gentle ability to ease nervous tension, decrease anxiety and uplift the spirit is legendary!

Even if you only have space for a few pots on a windowsill why not grow a herbal medicine cabinet. Working with our Friends at Jekka’s Herb Farm we created a list of five herbs you can grow yourself that might support your health. The five herbs are easy to grow either in pots or in the ground of most gardens in the British Isles and Europe.

Herbs offer us a wonderful, natural, sustainable option for many of our healthcare needs, so join us on Herb Day in celebrating these amazing plants, and if you have never used herbal medicines, what better time than this to take control of your health?

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